On-Demand Webinar
How to Drive Rich Personalization at Scale

Personalization is not a "nice to have" for marketers anymore.

71% of consumers express some level of frustration when their experiences are impersonal. However, consumers also demand increased privacy and tightened data controls. It’s no surprise that 83% of marketers say creating personalized content is their biggest challenge.

True 1:1 marketing requires capturing consumers' motivations and preferences at scale, which is only possible by going straight to the source — your end customer. The good news is that consumers are willing to engage and share their first- and zero-party data when you provide interactive experiences that offer a value exchange.

Join us to hear how the zero-party data path will help you build direct relationships with consumers and take your personalization efforts to the next level.

You'll learn:

  • How Bowtech became a leader in the archery market with a strategy focused on zero-party data and hyper-personalization
  • How to increase personalization in a world where privacy is critical
  • Why offering interactive experiences to consumers creates a value exchange between a brand and its customers (with examples)

Richard Jones
CMO, Cheetah Digital

Originally from London, Richard is now based in Denver and is the CMO of Cheetah Digital. Richard helps some of the biggest brands gather the data, insights, and permissions needed to power personalized marketing and build lasting connections with consumers across the entire customer lifecycle.

Tim Glomb
CEO, Audience Sherpa

Tim is an audience development & consumer engagement strategist that helps build sustainable business growth through consumer data and technology. Tim has spent time in executive roles for tech billionaires Mark Cuban and Scott McNealy and his firm Audience Sherpa currently serves brands, media companies, and events across outdoor, entertainment, e-sports, beverage, and CPG.

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