Cheetah Digital
Acquires Wayin

Acquire and activate zero-party data to deliver immersive customer experiences.


With Cheetah Digital and Wayin, marketers now have a comprehensive, end-to-end customer engagement solution to acquire zero- and first-party data, unify it in a single customer view, and put it to work in real time. You can now better identify customers, drive rich personalization across all channels, and keep data accurate, relevant, and current — because it’s coming directly from your customers.

Even non-technical marketers can quickly create and launch interactive campaign experiences, like sweepstakes and quizzes, to collect deep, self-reported information on their customers’ motivations, intentions, and interests — all while respecting and complying with increasingly stringent privacy regulations and expectations.

Collect and Activate Zero‑ and First-Party Data


Build interactive experiences

Easily create customizable campaign experiences and publish them on any digital channel to collect consumer data.

Acquire actionable data

Incentive mechanics offer a value exchange for your customers' preference insights and purchase motivations.

Create meaningful connections

Flow data into Cheetah Digital Marketing Suite or Cheetah Loyalty in real time to build more relevant relationships.

Optimize your communications

Trigger targeted messaging, offers, and experiences that drive conversions, engagement, and customer loyalty.

Join many of the world’s leading brands delivering engaging

customer experiences

This development is great news for Cheetah Digital clients and partners. We are firmly committed to helping marketers create meaningful customer experiences, and providing our partners with tools to advance their products and services — and this acquisition is a clear signal of that commitment.

If you would like more information, check out the press release, or hear from our CEO Sameer Kazi in our latest blog post.

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