2020 Vision:
Next Gen Loyalty for the Next Decade

Next Gen Loyalty for the Next Decade

Loyalty programs are ever-evolving. What was once a system of points and punch cards has become more complex and targeted. As we enter the new decade, loyalty programs are undergoing major changes to drive engagement, deliver on customer expectations, and establish brand evangelists. During our loyalty webinar, 2020 Vision: Next Gen Loyalty for the Next Decade, we will discuss our predictions for loyalty programs in the next decade, the Loyalty Maturity Curve that will help determine where your brand stands and where it needs to be, and how you can develop an engaging loyalty program as unique as your brand.

Topics we will cover

In this hour-long webinar, our distinguished panelists will:

  1. Examine ways in which loyalty programs will transform in the next decade.
  2. Outline the Loyalty Maturity Curve and how brands can employ it to measure their current position and determine where they need to be.
  3. Define what "participation loyalty" means for the future of loyalty in the new decade.

Watch the webinar now to learn how Cheetah Digital and Iris Concise can make these important changes happen for your brand.


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Featured Presenters:

Emily Collins Headshot


Principal Analyst


Keith Lifschin Headshot


Senior Director, Product Marketing

Cheetah Digital

Bill Finaldi Headshot


Senior Director Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Iris Concise